Under Construction Ad Infinitum: Videowork

Untitled (full HD, 4’ 9”)

A video work presented in Under Construction Ad Infinitum, a solo exhibition held at Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan that was inspired by the rapidly changing landscape of Kaohsiung as well as its industrial past. “Human-made mountains” are a recurring motif in this two-part video, seen in construction sites that were filmed near the city harbor in the first part, as well as in various sites of a disused cement factory that is the subject of the second. The cement factory stands at the foot of Mt. Banping, once an important source of limestone in south Taiwan that was heavily mined until the factory’s closure in 1997. The recurring images of “mountains,” created unintentionally in urban sites through human labor, point to the inextricable relationship between the scarred landscapes where natural resources are gathered and the urban construction they sustain.