Tracing with a Video Camera
HD video (full version:59”loop)
Shown in Newcomer’s View, Koganei Art Spot


A video work using the camera lens itself as a means of tracing visual elements within the Chateau Koganei builidng (pictured below). Constructed in 1974 by Kurokawa Architects with the concept of providing a comprehensive living environment for its residents, it was a luxury apartment at the time of its opening, housing a sports gym with swimming pools and running circuit three floors below gound, restaurants, shops and a doctor's clinic. Oblivious to the sounds and movements of those who occupy its spaces, the camera intently investigates the edges of faded walls, the gaps between stained carpets, the corners of dimly lit ceilings and other visual features that would otherwise go unnoticed. The resulting work can be seen as a dialogue with a building that has lost its former luster.