Meditations on a river

Video installation (HD video, 5′ 07″) , dimensions variable

Fine Arts Gallery, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

An exhibition presented at the end of a one-month residency hosted by the Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Inspired by a simple desire to trace the Mae Ping from its source at the Cambodian Thai border to Chiang Mai City, I made a number of research visits to various locations along the river to observe human interaction with this important natural resource. The resulting video installation comprised a delicate floor drawing of the Mae Ping River illuminated by slow motion footage of the river current moving in reverse towards the source intercut with the actions of people along its banks. It serves as a contemplative work reflecting on the journey I made to the source of the Mae Ping.
   In addition to the video installation, I also presented open-ended research in the form of a photographic series and video interviews with local residents about the use of the Mae Ping, which faces serious problems of pollution in the urban areas is traverses. My investigation offered a starting point rather than a conclusion, with the intention of being further developed at a later date.


What follows is open-ended research in mixed media presented together with the above video installation.